Cosby Dishonor Chart: Tracking Women’s Value in our Nation’s Schools

Jan. 05, 2016

School Name

Cosby Honorary Degree Status

Amherst College Rescinded October 17, 2015
Baylor University Rescinded October 9, 2015
Bennett College No comment
Berklee College of Music “Engaged in internal discussion”
Boston College “Boston College does not rescind honorary degrees”
Boston University Rescinded December 14, 2015
Brown University Rescinded September 25, 2015 (second in school history)
Bryant University No comment
California Polytechnic State University Pomona Rescinded November 20, 2015 (first and only in University history)
Carnegie Mellon University “Having internal discussions”
Colby College “No Comment”
Colgate College “Under discussion”
Cooper Union No comment
Delaware State University “Most leadership did not know had been awarded, not a board agenda item, long time ago
Dillard State University No comment
Drew University Rescinded November 16, 2015
Drexel University Rescinded November 12, 2015
Fashion Institute of  Technology Internal discussion, no comment
Fordham University Rescinded September 24, 2015 (first and only in University history)
Franklin and Marshal College Rescinded October 19, 2015
George Washington University Not University practice to rescind
Goucher College Rescinded October 15, 2015
Hampton University No comment
Haverford College Not University practice to rescind, considering accepting student/alumni input
Howard University No comment
John Jay College of Criminal Justice University President recommended rescinding, pending rescission approval from Board of Trustees
Johns Hopkins University No comment
Marquette University Rescinded September 24, 2015
New York University Board agenda item, no comment
North Carolina AT&T State University Under discussion
Northwestern University No comment
Oberlin College Rescinded December 21, 2015
Occidental College Rescinded December 15, 2015 (first and only in University history)
Ohio State University Under review
Old Dominion University Would need to be recommended by Board of Visitors, unclear if agenda item
Paine College No comment
Pepperdine University No University provision for rescission and no plan to create a new policy to allow rescission
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute No plans to rescind
Rust College No plans to rescind
Sisseton Wahpeton College No discussion of rescission because does not matter to everyday life in South Dakota, can discuss but haven’t
Spelman College Terminated Cosby-funded professorship
Springfield College Rescinded October 24, 2015
Swarthmore College Rescinded December 7, 2015
Talladega College “At the time, he was everyone’s favorite dad.” “No further comments.”
Temple University No discussion of changes
The College of William and Mary Historically, no rescissions. “Awards do not constitute endorsement of an individual’s moral character.”
Tufts University Rescinded October 15, 2015
University of Cincinnati No comment
University of Connecticut “Thoughtful discussions…but no decisions.”
University of Maryland No comment
University of Notre Dame Not university practice to rescind
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill “In the process of considering”
University of Pennsylvania “No new information to report”
University of Pittsburgh Rescinded November 13, 2015
University of San Francisco Rescinded September 25, 2015
University of South Carolina No comment
University of Southern California No comment
Virginia Commonwealth University No policy for revoking
Wesleyan University No change in rescission policy
Westchester University No comment
Wilkes University Rescinded October 8, 2015 (first and only in University history)
Yale University No historical rescissions, no plans to discuss